Who Would Like Free Sprinkles?

Attention all Sprinkle Lovers out there!

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You Don't Have to Spend A Lot To Hit The Sweet Spot!

When it comes to giving gifts it is most difficult to buy for those who have it all.   When deciding what to give, it would serve us well to think about items that will serve a function, rather than a value.  Often times, some of the best gifts are the ones that are not costly, but things we wouldn't buy ourselves.  Here is one example for a unique and beautiful gift basket that will not only please the palate, but may inspire a spontaneous ice cream picnic with loved ones!

Here is what you will need:  1 Jumbo Plastic Gift Basket Bag; 1 Decorative Ribbon & Artificial Flower or other Embellishment; One 30 oz. container of Rainbow Sprinkles, One 30 oz. container of Chocolate Sprinkles, One Ice Cream Scoop, a set of four Tea Spoons, a basket of bright yellow paper napkins; a set of four Ice Cream Sundae Glasses nestled in a seasonal Daisy-Patterned Market Basket!


We Have Cookies for Santa. But What About His Eight Reindeer?

You may have seen these poems with a bag of "Reindeer Food" floating around the holidays.  Many times colored glitter is used to "light the path for the reindeer".  We used blue colored sugar in this mix, but green and red colored sugar worked better.  I think the colored sugar has a sparkle as well and think it worked nicely.  We also added the oats, of course.  By using all edible ingredients it was also critter-friendly! 

Thanks to Crafty Carnival, I was able to print out this adorable bag topper with the poem onto white stock paper.  Next, we stapled it to the top of a plastic snack bag.  The Reindeer Food is a free printable available on Crafty Carnival's website.  There you will also find "Mrs Clause's Cookies" tags and a "Letters to Santa".  All equally adorable.

This can make a fun activity and take home craft for birthdays around Christmas or as a Christmas Eve project for the nieces and nephews!  I know my kids enjoyed this one! 

Sweet Regards!


Spending Time with the Family and Baking Memories

Baking can be nostalgic and therapeutic, especially when doing it with the ones you love.  This past weekend we had a three generation baking day!  Grandma, Mom and the kids baked old recipes together.  For fun, my  kids added the Autumn Sprinkles Mix to mom's old recipe.  They baked beautifully! No bleeding or crushing!  The kids gobbled them up before I can take a picture of them after they baked!  All I kept thinking was that it was too bad I didn't have a turkey cookie cutter!  These would have made beautiful turkey shaped cookies.  I would wrap them in cellophane and tie them with pretty ribbon and gift them to my nieces and nephews for Thanksgiving! 

As we get closer to the good ol' "Turkey Day", it is important to remember what we should be grateful for.  Spend time with the ones you love because today is the only day we know we have with them for sure.  Take out Grandma's old recipes and give them a try with the family.  You never know what memories you might create.

Sweet Regards!


All Natural Sprinkles Only at Bakersconfetti.com

You have made your all natural cupcakes from all natural ingredients.  However, the kids want some sprinkles on top.  You search high and low for natural sprinkles and the closest thing you can come up with are chocolate shavings.  Now you can add a splash of color without the artificial coloring?  All Natural Sprinkles - that's how. 

This sprinkle is free of artificial coloring and flavoring that are derived only from edible plants, such as beets, spinach, red cabbage and others. (They do not retain flavors from the natural colorants). This product is peanut and Gluten Free.  Contains Non-hydrogenated oils. Pink, Yellow, White, Orange, Purple, and Green make up this naturally colored and flavored blend.


If Mother Nature could create sprinkles...

If Mother Nature could create sprinkles, perhaps they would look like this...
Baker's Confetti now carries our very own All Natural Sprinkle!

We are showing our TRUE Colors!  Introducing our ALL NATURAL Sprinkles!  No Atificial Dyes or flavoring.  As always our sprinkles have no hydrogenated Fats, are Gluten FREE and are made in a Peanut/Nut FREE facility right here in the U.S.A.!