You Don't Have to Spend A Lot To Hit The Sweet Spot!

When it comes to giving gifts it is most difficult to buy for those who have it all.   When deciding what to give, it would serve us well to think about items that will serve a function, rather than a value.  Often times, some of the best gifts are the ones that are not costly, but things we wouldn't buy ourselves.  Here is one example for a unique and beautiful gift basket that will not only please the palate, but may inspire a spontaneous ice cream picnic with loved ones!

Here is what you will need:  1 Jumbo Plastic Gift Basket Bag; 1 Decorative Ribbon & Artificial Flower or other Embellishment; One 30 oz. container of Rainbow Sprinkles, One 30 oz. container of Chocolate Sprinkles, One Ice Cream Scoop, a set of four Tea Spoons, a basket of bright yellow paper napkins; a set of four Ice Cream Sundae Glasses nestled in a seasonal Daisy-Patterned Market Basket!


  1. I jut ordered for the first time on your website, then I went to your fbpge and seen free shipping! Is there anyway I could get that? It was for As U Wish!! Thanks email me asuwishgoodies@gmail.com

  2. asuwishgoodies, I see that you have ordered and will be happy to honor our current promotion code! I will be sending you an email once the order is confirmed with correct payment amount/credit. Thank you for your interest in Baker's Confetti!