We Have Cookies for Santa. But What About His Eight Reindeer?

You may have seen these poems with a bag of "Reindeer Food" floating around the holidays.  Many times colored glitter is used to "light the path for the reindeer".  We used blue colored sugar in this mix, but green and red colored sugar worked better.  I think the colored sugar has a sparkle as well and think it worked nicely.  We also added the oats, of course.  By using all edible ingredients it was also critter-friendly! 

Thanks to Crafty Carnival, I was able to print out this adorable bag topper with the poem onto white stock paper.  Next, we stapled it to the top of a plastic snack bag.  The Reindeer Food is a free printable available on Crafty Carnival's website.  There you will also find "Mrs Clause's Cookies" tags and a "Letters to Santa".  All equally adorable.

This can make a fun activity and take home craft for birthdays around Christmas or as a Christmas Eve project for the nieces and nephews!  I know my kids enjoyed this one! 

Sweet Regards!

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