What are you giving your Valentine this year?

Whether it be a bouquet of flowers or a heart-shaped box filled with delicious chocolates, it has to be from the heart.  How about making your own chocolates for your sweetheart with chocolate molds and sprinkling  every other one with a valentine's day blend sprinkles just before it sets.  Red, White, and  Pink sprinkles is all you need to decorate your Valentine's Day treats.  Afterwords, you can put them in a vintage looking, hinged mason jar or treat box . Then, tuck inside the box or jar your hand-written note of gratitude for the love of your life on parchment note paper.   Finish it off with a satin ribbon bow and you are set!

Pherhaps you are a class mom that has to come up with the holiday craft?  Are you a stay-at-home who is stuck home with kids for yet another snow day?  Have the kids decorate their own gifts to give mom, dad, or grandma. Kids love it!  Bake sugar cookies and topp them off with pink and red sanding sugars .  For an extra Valentine's flair, use a heart-shaped cookie cutter before you bake them (If you are doing this, be sure to follow the recipe for using cookie cutters as it usually requires more flour).  If baking is not your forte, use store bought cookies and ice them with plain white icing.  Afterwards, you can top them off with a bit of pink and red sprinkles on top.  It's fun, and of course delicious!

Whatever it is you decide to do, make it an experience for you and your loved ones to share.  It makes all the difference!

Sweet regards,