Putting back the "fun" in fundraiser

The school year has officially begun and along with your child's first homework assignment is their first PTA fundraiser.  Often times we reluctantly find ourselves asking the same family members and friends to purchase items that they may not necessarily want or need.  But what if you asked them to buy sprinkles?  We are not just talking about ordinary sprinkles.  We are talking about the best-tasting sprinkles on the market  - a sweet condiment that is a staple in every household pantry.

Share this information at your next PTA meeting.  In fact, sample some of our products at your next meeting.  I guarantee they will be a hit!

Baker's Confetti has an array of confectionery products to expand your fundraiser options, but that' not all.  We can customize your sprinkles to include a mix of your school colors, holiday blends, etc.  You call the shots, we fill your order!  Now isn't that sweet?

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