Sprinkles Make Us Smile!

It might have been a day out with the family, a winning little league game, or a celebration of your first school concert performance that brought you to the local ice cream shop. Whatever the reason, I bet that we all have a day like that one that will forever be engraved in our memories. You see, children aren't impressed with name brands or what the latest trends are. They only care about one thing-having fun. That's why I think sprinkles bring out the child in all of us. Just looking at sprinkles make us smile. They add color to an otherwise colorless dessert. They make a classic vanilla scoop of ice cream an impromptu piece of art. That is why it is so important for me that we have the best-tasting sprinkles available to the average mom and dad; boy and girl. At Baker's Confetti, we believe that if we are going to sell sprinkles, they shouldn't just look good, but should be a treat in itself. They are going to make everything you put them on taste better! Our personal mission is to not just help reminisce, but to make those favorite childhood memories even sweeter!

At the Baking Bites' blog, you will find a recipe for Confetti Cupcakes that incorporates rainbow or chocolate sprinkles into the batter. These cupcakes will, no doubt, bring out the giddy child in anyone! The colors are festive with every bite. The supplies are all here, now all there is left to do is to find an excuse to celebrate!

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